Spontaneous decision for a low budget Vintage Apple  GarageSale

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Easy simple blogging on the road. with #ifttt

New iBook G3 Clamshell Keylime ProjectNew iBook G3 Clamshell Keylime Project

In the last month I used an easy way to feed my blog while on the road. Instagram pictures using a specific hashtag to feed via www.ifttt.com directly into blogger, wordpress, flickr and so on. You can share your post via ifttt automatic to all your favourite social media channels.
I like the ifttt recipe to make a picture travel diary in evernote in a single note, with date and time if you want it.
Once in evernote it’s easy to edit, f.e. remove all the hashtags, and export the whole story in a single webpage or pdf file.
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2015 #goprostills of our 2 #campervans 🚐

Apple Airport Express II

Apple Airport Express II

Another Airport Express on duty. A 2nd Generation replaced one of the 1st generation one’s for better streaming experience. 
All the Airports have StarWars Names 😉 (and some other stuff too.) 
Time Capsule: „Alderaan“ 
AP Express II: „Coruscant“ 
AP Express: „Kamino“ 
AP Express: „Tatooine“ 
TV: „Hoth“ 
Amazon Kindle: Dantooine


Apple Airport Card – Vintage wlan / wifi cards

Apple AirPort Karte 1. Generation 11 Mbps wlan 802.11b

1999 – The most exciting new feature of the iBook was the inclusion of AirPort, a wireless networking system based on existing industry standards. AirPort allowed up to 10 iBooks to connect to a single base-station, which could then be plugged into an existing ethernet network or a standard phone line. The iBook had an antenna built into the case, and a PC-card sized slot for the AirPort card.

Can be used in the original iBook Clamshell, Apple PowerMac G4 MDD or Powermac G4 Cube.



Apple Airport Extreme / Original  interne wlan Karte

Wireless Data Rate: Up to 54 Mbps Range: 150 ft. (11 Mbps), 50 ft. (54 Mbps) Compatibility: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) Can be used in the G4 PowerBooks or Powermac G5.