Easy simple blogging on the road. with #ifttt

New iBook G3 Clamshell Keylime ProjectNew iBook G3 Clamshell Keylime Project

In the last month I used an easy way to feed my blog while on the road. Instagram pictures using a specific hashtag to feed via www.ifttt.com directly into blogger, wordpress, flickr and so on. You can share your post via ifttt automatic to all your favourite social media channels.
I like the ifttt recipe to make a picture travel diary in evernote in a single note, with date and time if you want it.
Once in evernote it’s easy to edit, f.e. remove all the hashtags, and export the whole story in a single webpage or pdf file.
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2015 #goprostills of our 2 #campervans 🚐


Apple Airport Card – Vintage wlan / wifi cards

Apple AirPort Karte 1. Generation 11 Mbps wlan 802.11b

1999 – The most exciting new feature of the iBook was the inclusion of AirPort, a wireless networking system based on existing industry standards. AirPort allowed up to 10 iBooks to connect to a single base-station, which could then be plugged into an existing ethernet network or a standard phone line. The iBook had an antenna built into the case, and a PC-card sized slot for the AirPort card.

Can be used in the original iBook Clamshell, Apple PowerMac G4 MDD or Powermac G4 Cube.



Apple Airport Extreme / Original  interne wlan Karte

Wireless Data Rate: Up to 54 Mbps Range: 150 ft. (11 Mbps), 50 ft. (54 Mbps) Compatibility: Wi-Fi (802.11b/g) Can be used in the G4 PowerBooks or Powermac G5.

End of season for the VW T3 Camper. Getting ready for the winter.

Vermisse leider den original BOB Rostumwandler.

End of season for the VW T3 Camper. Getting ready for the winter. #fertan #liquid_fluid #rusting_away #volkswagen #t3 #camper #westfalia #westy #vdub #vw4life #vanagon #campervan #blog #projektzwo via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/gAUQMPm7y7/

End of summer update

End of summer update by MAC2214JV
End of summer update, a photo by MAC2214JV on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
1 Camper schon winterfest gemacht. Saison neigt sich dem Ende. 1zwei Reisen kommen zwar noch aber es kommt jetzt wieder die Zeit sich um das digitale Gedöns zu kümmern.
Alles schreit nach updates,
PS3, Wii, die Raspberry Pis. Ganz zu sprechen von den stationären Macs. Die Mobilen waren ja die ganze Zeit in Gebrauch. Sogar der Sky+ Receiver will updaten 😦